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PADI LOVES Stream2Sea for creating an eco-conscious skin care line that is healthy for us and our planet
, recognizing what we put on our bodies ends up in our water. Over 6,000 tons of skin care products enter coral
reefs from tourist activities alone, and many of those sunscreens’, cosmetics’, and soaps’ ingredients are highly
toxic to corals as well as other marine life. Stream2Sea is committed to improving the health of our watery world
by providing the safest skin care products on the market. They have the only line that’s been tested and proven
safe for freshwater fish, saltwater fish, C. elegans and coral larvae.

Biodegradability, aquatic toxicity and healthy attributes: these three concerns are hard to balance in any skin care product, especially when you consider the wide range of preservatives, additives and chemicals that are approved for use by the FDA despite having been deemed harmful to either the body or the planet. We have developed our formulas by consciously choosing each ingredient for its efficacy, integrity and non-harming influences.

Over 6,000 TONS of skin care products enter coral reefs from tourist activities alone. This number doesn’t take into account the products entering our rivers, lakes and streams through run off, sewage, and more. While some brands in the market today claim to be “reef safe” and “ocean friendly,” many contain ingredients that are known to harm the fragile ecosystems and marine life of our waters. We have allotted a significant portion of our start-up costs to eco-lab testing so that we can state, with complete confidence, that we are the safest product on the shelves.