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PADI X Andy Casagrande Signature Collection
In collaboration with wildlife filmmaker and Emmy Winner, Andy Casagrande, we created a collection that aims to give a balanced perspective on these misunderstood creatures. Celebrate the beauty and importance of sharks with our newest collection made from eco-friendly materials. 15% of the proceeds will go to PADI AWARE to help global shark conservation.

Meet Andy Casagrande:
As a conservationist, and great white shark whisperer, Andy has helped produce, shoot and host several shark weeks. He has contributed to countless research expeditions and continues to collaborate closely with the world’s top shark scientists and technologies.

Working with animals has been his life’s passion and he strives to inspire others to make a positive impact through his stories and images.

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Not only does 15% the proceeds fund marine conservation, but it’s our joint hope the gear will encourage others to rethink the shark – a species critical to the health of our oceans and a species that desperately needs our help.

Go Behind the Lens
“I love sharks more than anything and I will never stop fighting to protect them and change people’s perspectives about them. Taken in Guadalupe island, this great white shark came in to say hello, shot on a gopro off the deep ledge in front of twin canyons, very friendly shark!

I just try my best to inspire people to care about the planet in the most organic and straight-forward way possible. Essentially if we breathe oxygen, we should care about protecting sharks and our oceans, because more than ½ the oxygen we breathe comes from the oceans, they are literally our lifelines. live the life you dream and be nice to the planet” - Andy Casagrande

15% of proceeds donated to charity:
PADI AWARE, with the support of the dive community, are in a unique position to drive forward essential conservation measures to help prevent shark and ray extinctions. Through our Blueprint for Ocean Action we can minimize population declines through restrictions on unregulated fishing, effective marine protected areas and monitoring the health of local shark and ray populations.

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Take a stand for sharks:
“Sharks have captivated my entire life since the moment I saw the first one. It changed my life when I volunteered as an unpaid great white shark field research assistant. Working with animals has been my greatest passion and the greatest gift I could have ever imagined.

Everything is interconnected so critically, we can make a difference, and inspire others to make a positive impact by realizing just how powerful a single person can be to protect the planet and coexist with it.

You only have one life, live the life you dream.”

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